Parent / Adult Helpers

What sort of help is needed?

Scouting is a volunteer based organisation and it would not work without the army of volunteers who take on roles from being

  • Warranted Leaders who undertake specific training and development, wearing uniform, developing the programme for each section, organising camps and events, helping manage the group as a member of the Group Executive and in many cases being a trustee. Without them there is no Scout Group

  • The Parent Rota for meeting and event helpers - Without our parent helpers we could not do half of what we do, they make meetings work by helping the leaders with the programme planning and delivery, they take on specific tasks within a section such as badge secretary, event coordination, supplies purchasing and basic group book keeping activities in support of the Treasurer. A condition of children joining 1st Sarratt all parents are asked to get them self registered even if they can only help on rate occasions. By being proactive it means that when someone can or wants to help at short notice they are not disappointed. This is critical especially if parents wish to attend camp events and trips out

  • Group Executive membership - working in the background as Treasurers, Secretary, Quarter Master and working on fund raising. This work has a regular element of activity such as managing our joining lists, district liaison as well as peaks of activity during the year, such as our annual census, annual accounts, subscription management, financial management, Gift Aid returns to HMRC, looking after our equipment and resources and making sure we have what is needed to run the Scout Group

What other ways can you help?

In short there are several ways. We recognise that not everyone can help at meetings on a regular basis and this is where people can apply their talents, skills and resources in other ways. This can be

  • Donating towards things the scout group needs - equipment, we have a shopping / wish list. Sometimes it easier or simpler for people to source specific items we need. Some people are time poor but have other resources or access to other services of value. We are keen to make use of these wherever possible

  • Completing tasks that can be done outside of meetings - Research on a specific issue, grant applications, management of some aspect of Scout Groups needs, keeping account records, census work done annually

  • Acting as liaison / coordination for some specific aspect of Scout Group - We are part of the community, a community with lots of associations, societies and groups where outreach and engagement can add value to 1st Sarratt as much as them, maintain connections is an important and valuable contribution.

Please see our Resources and Skills needed listing on this site

Can non parents help?

Yes of course, local members of the community, many grand parents, uncles aunts, god parents support the Scout Group or members of other societies and associations who come and provide briefings and support. If you know anyone who wishes to help please ask them to contact any of our leaders who will be happy to speak with them and find out the areas they can help. If it involves working with our young people they will need to complete the same form as all other occasional helpers.

What form do I have to complete if I become a Leader, member of the Group Executive or want to go on camps?

The form is straightforward takes hardly any time to fill out and simply needs checking by one of the Warranted (uniformed) leaders at the end of an meeting. It is then processed through the Scout Association and a DBS Check is undertaken and then issued to the individual and the Group Scout Leader is notified. Once processed our parent rota coordinator will make contact to add you into our rota or resources list and map you into the programme

How do I offer to help?

In could not be simpler, please email this is picked up by the parent/s dealing with volunteering, parent rota and resource planning. If you do not have email please either phone or text the Group Scout Leader on 0771 747 3661 who will be able to help you make contact with the right people. Please see our dedicated section on Volunteering and how we approach working with you