Equipment Wish List

Like any Scout Group we need resources and equipment to make it work. Annual Subscriptions help fund the programme of meetings which we supplement with fees for specific events such as camps and trips. From our annual subscriptions we pay a significant chunk to the Scout Association which supports all the resources they create and provide online and the training courses we need to attend to be effective leaders.

For us to grow and develop as a group fund raising and the acquisition of equipment, facilities and resources is a constant challenge for us. We make grant applications, seek to raise funds from activities like running stalls, and seek donations and support where ever we can.

We have achieved a lot since we started on 2011 having built the Scout Group from scratch. In short we still have a long way to go and we hope that by sharing our shopping list we may be able to get the community and parents working on our behalf by being vigilant to things we need and finding ways we can acquire them either through donations of funds, or actual equipment either new or second hand.

We have been constantly amazed and inspired by people's generosity and the constant desire for knowing what we need and how they can help. We have secured a Minibus, Trailer, Mess Tent, a range of tents for sleeping and countless donations of utensils and equipment.

Published below is our current wish list as at the 24th October 2023. Any items struck through have been donated or purchased with funds raised or granted.

If you can help please email our Quarter Master on

Quarter Master Requirements List